Why Is Winter Travel To Warm Countries So Dangerous?

The closer the time of snow and ice, the stronger the desire to escape all these winter “pleasant” to warm countries. At least for a few weeks and only stubborn doctors keep saying that winter holidays in hot countries can bring not only pleasure but also bright impressions.

In most warm countries like Egypt or Thailand season, “velvet” begins in the winter. At this time, the climate becomes more comfortable. And people who live in the north and continually suffer from lack of sunlight, just go to warm countries.

The change of the environment is also the best way to cure the season blue. Probably everyone is familiar with reduced strength, apathy, drowsiness, fatigue, and fast – the forerunner of winter. And a winter journey to a warm country is the best way out. It’s like jumping into the ice-hole after a hot bath.

One such “contrast” holiday may help gain energy to people who suffer from super-activity of the thyroid gland, lung problems, as well as individuals who heat and drought, own air of exotic countries in the summer period contraindicated. Clean air, rich in particles of mineral salts, improves the respiratory system and positively affect the health of the elderly.

And it is worth saying that the sun’s rays to eliminate bad mood and stress. Warm sun, fresh and soft air will quickly help forget their everyday problems, improve your mood and restore balance in the mind. Various tours, cruises, tours and other entertainment complexes that will provide many positive emotions that sometimes do not have in our daily lives.


However, a holiday has its drawbacks. Stubborn doctors keep saying that such contracts can bring not only joy and good emotions, but also harm our health.

Planning our journey, we usually skip important nuances that may bring all advantaged trip to nowhere. We forget that our body adapts to the specific climatic conditions, and their sudden change may harm our health. Outside the body reacts very poorly to climate change in winter, when we got tired of looking at gray winter sky, and dirty snow banks and suddenly find ourselves on the golden beaches of Egypt or Morocco. And we begin to wonder why we are subject to disease in the middle of our fabulous vacation.

We should note that the transition from winter to summer our body needs some time to adapt because our “internal clock” is still in its old form! This is particularly important for travelers to cardiovascular diseases, nervous system disorders, such as asthmatics. Also, if you are careful their appearance, it was decided that “foreign” active sun dries your skin and time. Or vice versa, you must suffer from excessive sweating.

You should also remember about surprises that could be supplied by the sudden change from outside the carbohydrate diet “winter” to abundant exotic foods. Your body will urgently mobilize themselves to pass to the new metabolic activity. Also, the “strange” unusual components of products and exotic combinations of meals water wear digestive system at a disadvantage.

You should also be aware that the process of reverse acclimatization after returning from summer to winter can be quite unpleasant. If you ignore it, depression, loss of strength, dyslexia and cold may come back and the pleasure of the holiday must be brought to nothing.

In this context, doctors recommend: on planning the winter holiday “consult” not only your wishes but also your health. If your health permits, you can go on a journey with value because the body acclimatize quickly and painlessly.