Holiday accommodation inspection and consultancy service


Where ever you go in this vast county of Cumbria you will find all types of holiday accommodation including large country house hotels, family guest houses, self-catering properties, caravans and bunk barns. The quality of accommodation is high and there is a warm welcome for the millions of guests who come to spend their holidays here each year.

If you are looking for quality holiday accommodation in Cumbria offering cleanliness, comfort and value for money then you can be assured that the properties inspected by Accommodation Inspection and Advisory Service meet those requirements. I have inspected many properties throughout the region which feature in the Local Authority and privately published holiday guides.

When you see a property advertising in one of the guides and it has a symbol denoting a ‘Local Inspection’, this indicates that an inspection has been carried out by the Accommodation Inspection and Advisory Service.

You can be assured that at the time of the inspection the property confirmed to laid down criteria and provided quality accommodation for visitors to the area.

What is a Local Inspection and what does the inspector look for when carrying out an inspection?

All properties whether a Hotel or a Static Caravan, are checked annually to ensure that all guest accommodation in this area will be clean & comfortable in good repair and offer value for money. A guest should feel that the property is inviting and above all, in a clean condition.

AIAS checks that the accommodation conforms to the relevant legislation. Where applicable this includes

Fire Precautions
Fire Certificates, Safety of Furnishings and Fittings. If there is any doubt an Inspector will arrange for the Fire Prevention Officer to call and advise. Safety of guests is of paramount importance and they must feel confident that a property is safe.

Gas Safety Regulations
Proprietors must provide evidence that all gas appliances are passed by a qualified gas contractor.

Insurance Cover
Specifically Public Liability and Employer’s Liability cover.

Trades Description Act
AIAS ensures that all properties are advertised accurately and proprietors must comply with the Act in order that guests receive information that honestly represents what they are booking.

How To Find Comfortable Accommodation But Inexpensive Guest Houses


While thinking to travel is half the battle, the other half decide where to stay. Selecting a suitable guest house to stay can make or break your vacation. Always decide in advance what kind of vacation your plan to have. Will it be full of action, which involves a lot of sightseeing and eating or going to be a real pleasure, with days spent lounging by the pool or on the beach to sunbathe and enjoy pampering in the form of spa treatments.

Depending on what you choose to your accommodation place. Of course, if you plan on resting around a pool or enjoy spa treatments, you should choose a hotel that will provide everything under one roof, so that you are not traveling from one point to another to enjoy these facilities.

If you select a holiday full of action and are an adventurous type, why not check out the incredible camping options that are gaining in popularity. If you are traveling with family and want to enjoy some sightseeing nothing too strenuous a guesthouse perhaps the perfect choice for you. A guest house gives you the comfort that you are protected without the routine of a first class hotel.

If you are traveling with children will especially appreciate the almost individual attention to the needs of their children can see that with the minimum of fuss. A guest house but they have a staff round the clock and are usually staffed by the owner and his family. Naturally, we should not expect that every time service, but it offers comfortable accommodation at a tiny price to pay.

The atmosphere is very welcoming, and since meals are home you will enjoy and appreciate the difference. It is a good idea to learn the city as the owner can usually point you in the right direct to attractions and how to get the bargain.

Depending on where you plan to travel this summer will be able to find quality apartments, Torquay and Paignton are just two of the destinations that offer good standard house a hotel, where the hospitality is second to none. With hands on approach guesthouse, it assumes that you know you will be well cared for during your vacation. Hurry and start searching for your ideal hotel this summer and think for you and your family an excellent holiday away from the daily …

Way To Enjoy Your Vacation

Spend your days on a beach is an excellent program because it guarantees to make the best use of the time we spent with our love, friends and family. This type of meeting places great help to undo the pressures of the daily routine.

The world is full of beautiful places, sites, and beaches that can be selected to delight their holiday. You have several US beaches to go to, or you can choose to go to a place outside the country for quixotic ideal climate and beaches.

Many of you might be looking for a destination to go with a wife or husband, and Maui would be the wonderful place for it. Maui beaches are fabulous places in Hawaii. People go there to spend their honeymoon when they get to visit many beaches in Maui simply because of its enduring landscapes and eternal pleasures.

Another very famous for the beautiful beach retreats among couples is the Virgin Islands. Known for its beauty and famous for its scenic spots, the Virgin Islands has always been an ideal place for couples to have a good time and happy moments in life.

If you plan to take your family with you on some beaches since California is the best place to pick because there are some exciting things for children. California is blessed with many beaches; Huntington Beach is one of them. It is the very beautiful swing that is wonderful Sea World and San Diego.


At the time of choosing the best beach for vacation, you should consider the type of business that goes with. Couples avoid going to a beach that caters to families and children while families also hesitate to choose beaches that are tailored for couples.

Careful planning is very important before you place for beach holidays. Decide to go, gather enough information about the site to make sure it has something for everyone. I spend my free time on the beaches is a great opportunity for other options too.

Invite Pleasure To Your Life In This Holiday By Three Way


It is almost back vacation time! For some, the thought makes them shudder like a snowstorm in January. It’s the excitement and anticipation and worry if everything is not so. This year, I invoke you to bring pleasure to your holiday season! And I have three ideas on how to achieve this.

Idea one is simply to announce before the season gets into full swing – he would like to have everyone think about bringing peace to the party! Peace can be many things, may be old traditions and new, you can ask people to say nice things to each other, you can give a little more than last year.

Idea two tries to remember the good things on vacation – not only today but yesterday and the desire to have good things with you tomorrow and beyond! You’re just trying to get through the holidays, fear those who want to hurry and do. But then, in a twelvemonth or ten or more, which you can look back? What memories can be shared with loved ones tomorrow?

Idea three attempts to combine old traditions forward and merge them with new ones. Personally, I like to think of our old people traditions. When I do, I take the chance to meet with members of my family lost my mother, father, and grandparents. It also gives me the chance to share memories with my nieces and nephews.

One of the things I always wanted to grow was to cook together. Mom had loved to cook, especially during the holiday season. She had cooked for the family and the church. And when I have the opportunity to cook with my niece, who is a beautiful reminder of the past and a new memory for the future.


Another memory I had the last seat at the table of Thanksgiving. One year we had just started to go around the table, and everyone says something they were thankful. It was new this year and an old tradition since!

Some of our old traditions had disappeared or changed. When my mother was alive, she had put together baskets for distribution to the less fortunate in the church. It was a wonderful feeling; give to others. But when the mother was ill, had traditionally fallen.

Probably the best memories of the past and the present are the times when our family together …

Five Great Tips to avoid anxiety Travel


While most of us enjoy the holidays and travel, many find anxiety associated with travel difficult to bear. Travel anxiety is not a disease, but rather the fear of the unknown. The fear trip usually caused by several factors. Some people may worry about your home and pets on the go while others may have had unpleasant travel experiences during their previous trips. Others are afraid to fly. Some fear that the journey is going to be a disaster and worry about all the details. All of these are examples of travel-related problems that can lead to varying degrees of discomfort. Whatever the causes or the intensity of their anxiety, which can compromise the fun and excitement of the trip.

Even travel anxiety is common for both beginners and experienced travelers. They learned to deal probably with their concerns and has recovered the pleasure of traveling. It is not too late; Also, you can overcome anxiety after the trip a little advice. Anxiety after five tips to stop travel can prove invaluable for you to plan your next vacation.

Five Tips to Stop Anxiety Travel:

Spend Time To Prepare Before The Trip
From experience, think about the details and discomfort that bothers you. For example, you believe that your house will be in trouble when you walk through the door to rent a house to clean your house before his return. If the flight is scared, can be equipped with an iPod or a favorite book to keep you busy when you are traveling. Simply make a list of things you think you will need to your journey and the things that are not going to want to be left running while you are away. The time of organization, planning and care of all the details in advance will help you stop travel anxiety.

Do Not Procrastinate
Some people are very aware of their concerns and travels frequently to avoid attention to detail. For example: book a ticket, packaging, etc. They will make excuses, procrastinate and avoid because of previous bad experiences with travel. The fact that you have the anxiety to travel does not mean to eradicate their fears. If you want to take control of travel anxiety, it becomes involved in the action at the beginning of the preparation and care of all the necessary information. Attention travel fears just did, and never fears are real.