Advantages Of Traveling


Why do we must travel? Why it is increasingly important that from time to time, change our environment and travel outside our country? Why sometimes it’s a necessity for our emotional health to travel?

Travel is not only fun, entertaining and delightful. Many people around the world realize the advantage of traveling as far as tourism is rising worldwide. It is not surprising that the journey is growing year after year. According to figures published by the World Travel and Tourism Council WTTC, grew the global tourism industry by 3% in 2012, contributing $ 6.6 trillion global GDP in direct and indirect effects. In 2012, for the 1st time in history, international tourists reached 1.035 billion.

These are the main advantages of traveling:

Stress Relief
When traveling miles away from their environment, they can free themselves from their responsibility and then begin to relax and unwind. Not only supports the body but also your mind. To know that you can wake up at any time without an alarm clock, without having to be physically available on the job, it will take away a lot of mental stress. Here you can feel the freedom. Stress is a major cause of tourism. The moment you think you are heading to Hawaii or Bali, the immediate sense of feelings and emotions without stress is obtained. It is this tranquility of mind that makes traveling an excellent stress relaxation. Sometimes traveling can be stressful if your trip has a lot of tourism, or meet new people. But the stress of the journey is different from the tension in the home because it is positive stress. The stress of travel is not associated with the anxiety or worry.

Physical Advantages
You can go more often if the subway or explore the streets of a historic town or even visit a museum. Swimming or lounging on the beach is a high dose of vitamin D from the sun, which is very helpful for bones and your positive emotions received. Outdoor activities associated with travel can reduce the risk of diabetes, lead to weight loss and lower cholesterol. Some medical experts suggest tour once every six months for cardiovascular health and heart. Some studies show that also improves trip better sleep.

Cultural Advantages
Sometimes we have to remain anonymous. Sometimes we want to be free of all responsibility. Travel can train both at the same time meet new people and experience new cultures. You know how different people to achieve their goals in a variety of ways. You will learn new ideas you never thought of before.

Relationship Advantages
Traveling with a companion and exchange of experiences and situations themselves together to increase their mutual union. 93% of young people aged 8-18 to consider travel as “quality time” spent with their parents. 3 of 4 parents say that family vacations are very useful for the family. Meet new people in new places can lead to a long-term relationship with many.

Happiness Many people associated with travel. More than 50% of adults only buy souvenirs to remember your holiday. Most travelers to store photos of your destinations as a way to remember these journeys is about tasting new food, beautiful scenery, historic landmarks, and new music. This is one reason that the journey can be addictive, especially if they have enough time and money.