Holiday accommodation inspection and consultancy service


Where ever you go in this vast county of Cumbria you will find all types of holiday accommodation including large country house hotels, family guest houses, self-catering properties, caravans and bunk barns. The quality of accommodation is high and there is a warm welcome for the millions of guests who come to spend their holidays here each year.

If you are looking for quality holiday accommodation in Cumbria offering cleanliness, comfort and value for money then you can be assured that the properties inspected by Accommodation Inspection and Advisory Service meet those requirements. I have inspected many properties throughout the region which feature in the Local Authority and privately published holiday guides.

When you see a property advertising in one of the guides and it has a symbol denoting a ‘Local Inspection’, this indicates that an inspection has been carried out by the Accommodation Inspection and Advisory Service.

You can be assured that at the time of the inspection the property confirmed to laid down criteria and provided quality accommodation for visitors to the area.

What is a Local Inspection and what does the inspector look for when carrying out an inspection?

All properties whether a Hotel or a Static Caravan, are checked annually to ensure that all guest accommodation in this area will be clean & comfortable in good repair and offer value for money. A guest should feel that the property is inviting and above all, in a clean condition.

AIAS checks that the accommodation conforms to the relevant legislation. Where applicable this includes

Fire Precautions
Fire Certificates, Safety of Furnishings and Fittings. If there is any doubt an Inspector will arrange for the Fire Prevention Officer to call and advise. Safety of guests is of paramount importance and they must feel confident that a property is safe.

Gas Safety Regulations
Proprietors must provide evidence that all gas appliances are passed by a qualified gas contractor.

Insurance Cover
Specifically Public Liability and Employer’s Liability cover.

Trades Description Act
AIAS ensures that all properties are advertised accurately and proprietors must comply with the Act in order that guests receive information that honestly represents what they are booking.